Read answers to the most frequent questions about Jay Manufacturing's services.

What is metal stamping?

Metal stamping is a term used to refer to various press operations, including blanking, piercing, coining, embossing, deep drawing, and forming. This requires applying pressure or force to the surface of a strip or sheet of metal to make a part. Jay Manufacturing specializes in metal stamping with complex tooling. Hard tooling involves the production of customized dies configured to your design standards.

Can rubber be added to a stamped part?

Yes, Jay Manufacturing specializes in inserts for molded rubber parts. When a part design calls for rubber, it is usually molded or added to the part after the metal stamping process.

How large are Jay Manufacturing’s press bed sizes?

Jay Manufacturing runs 14 presses. Our largest press bed size is 29” x 50". The most significant part size we produce is 36” x 36”.

What is the capacity of Jay Manufacturing’s presses?

Our 14 presses range in capacity from 2 tons to 200 tons, accommodating various customer needs.

What is the minimum tolerance for metal-stamped parts produced by Jay Manufacturing?

During our metal stamping operations, we can hold tolerances as close as 0.005". This tolerance will vary depending on the part, design, material, and other factors.

How fast do Jay Manufacturing’s presses run?

Our presses run 35 to 150 strokes per minute (SPM).

What thickness of metal can Jay Manufacturing stamp?

We stamp parts with a wide range of thicknesses. The thickness of the metal we can stamp is determined by customers’ design specifications and the ultimate tonnage of the part to be produced.

What materials does Jay Manufacturing use in the manufacturing of your stamped parts?

We will stamp most metals and alloys specified by the customer, including:
• Steel (cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, high and low carbon)
• Stainless steel of most alloys
• Aluminum (all alloys and tempers)
• Brass
• Copper
• Bronze
• Titanium
• Wire Mesh

Can Jay Manufacturing stamp more than one part in your metal stamping operations?

Yes, the process is called nesting, and using it effectively allows us to keep production costs competitive while lowering material costs.

What is the smallest size part Jay Manufacturing will stamp?

We can stamp washers as small as .25” OD with .060” ID.

What is the thinnest part Jay Manufacturing will stamp?

We can stamp parts as thin as 0.005”.

Does Jay Manufacturing make its own tooling?

We produce customized tooling for most parts to customers’ design specifications in-house.

How long does it typically take to produce complex tooling?

Most customized complex tooling is completed within 8-12 weeks after receipt of the order.

Do I need to pay for tooling?

The cost of tooling depends on the requirements of the part design. Jay Manufacturing owned some standard tooling that we could produce some common parts, such as washers. Custom parts require tooling that is designed and produced to your part specifications. Custom tooling is purchased by customers and becomes their property.

Who is responsible for the cost of tool maintenance?

While customer-owned tooling is the customer’s property, Jay Manufacturing bears the cost of routine tool maintenance.

What is water jet cutting?

Water jet cutting is done on a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine that cuts various materials with high-pressure water and abrasive sand. Because water jet cutting is done through computer programming, this allows designs to be easily adjusted and modified.

How big is Jay Manufacturing’s water jet machine?

Jay Manufacturing recently upgraded to a new OMAX Maxim 1530 water jet machine with a 60” x 120” cutting area.

What is the minimum tolerance for water jet cut parts produced by Jay Manufacturing?

Our water jet machine is designed to produce parts with a tolerance of 0.005".

How fast does Jay Manufacturing’s water jet machine run?

The speed of the water jet is calculated by its operating system and depends on the thickness and type of material to be cut.

What thickness of metal can Jay Manufacturing’s water jet machine cut?

Our OMAX Maxim 1530 water jet machine cuts parts between .010” and 3.00”.

What materials does Jay Manufacturing use to manufacture your water jet cut parts?

Our water jet machine cuts most metals and alloys but can also cut non-metal items like rubber, granite, and wood.
• Steel (cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, high and low carbon)
• Armor Plate
• Stainless steel of most alloys
• Aluminum (all alloys and tempers)
• Brass
• Copper
• Bronze
• Titanium
• Rubber
• Plastic
• Granite
• Wood

What are Jay Manufacturing’s specialties?

Since 1944, Jay Manufacturing has been a leader in the production of inserts for molded rubber parts. We specialize in producing parts for various industries, including aircraft and aerospace, pump and valve, lighting, and entertainment.

Does Jay Manufacturing make prototypes?

We can produce prototypes depending on the type of application.

How long does it take to produce prototypes?

Customers are always given an estimate of lead time when quoting. Lead time for prototypes depends on the workload, and the time it takes to develop the part.

What types of quality assurance programs are followed?

Our Quality Management System is compliant with AS9100 requirements. We primarily use random sampling to ensure quality based on the size and order of parts to be made. Part accuracy is examined at the beginning and end of each product run.

What volumes of parts does Jay Manufacturing run on its equipment?

We make orders to our customer’s needs, ranging from 1 piece to 500,000 pieces.

Can Jay Manufacturing produce export shipping documents and arrange for overseas shipments?

We do not export parts directly. We do ship parts to freight forwarders as specified by our customers.

What is Jay Manufacturing's minimum order?

With a variety of machinery, we can make orders as small as one piece.

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